QuickTime votes

QuickTime is a media player for most audio, video, and image formats
Guest #22247336 — 5 years ago
good software
Shohom — 5 years ago
very good software
BlThunder — 7 years ago
Must have :(
Guest — 7 years ago
nice player as compare to vlc and winamp
David Lin — 7 years ago
Sundaram — 7 years ago
Need a good upgrade.
uchiha itachi — 7 years ago
Murtuza — 7 years ago
It is one of the best Media players
gUAno — 7 years ago
default program
David — 7 years ago
Easy way to view videos and listen to music without having to open and deal with iTunes.
GB Dumms — 7 years ago
ok ok
Ben — 7 years ago
i only have this because it is part of itunes
saniismail — 7 years ago
the free version still good.
SyNtEr — 7 years ago
Tuberk KutLu — 7 years ago
Guest — 7 years ago
titas — 7 years ago
pillbox1234567 — 7 years ago
the only good thing about QT is the codecs
Michael — 8 years ago
Guest — 8 years ago
I don't like it very much
ilies — 8 years ago
Guest — 8 years ago
clunky not flexible
jbleck — 8 years ago
retarded... but we need it... a necessary soft
siddharth — 8 years ago
Good Prog
Ardhendu Pal — 8 years ago
I don't know if there is any use for it or not
Hazim Adil Yesildag — 8 years ago
easy and great
Tanchik — 8 years ago
good multimedia player
zaps40 — 7 years ago
every system needs this and it works well
thomas.merz — 8 years ago
fine, very useful :-)
Ash — 8 years ago
Default software settings (just after installation) are quite annoing and make this tool AdWare-like. It does its job, however there are better and free alternatives
Guest — 8 years ago
Boring software with annoying popups, realplayer is better in some ways.
Guest — 8 years ago
Muhammad Azeem — 8 years ago
I like It very much
Casperize — 9 years ago
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