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Video tutorial and screenshots

  • About Window showing the actual version number
  • PictureViewer is a basic image viewer that comes with the installation
  • This window shows how QuickTime makes a good job playing full HD videos
  • The Main Window shows a navigation panel to access popular web content on the iTunes store
  • Fullscreen
  • Loading Quicktime
  • Installing
  • Quicktime preferences window
  • Player preferences window

Editorial review

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Misael Aguilar Senior editor

This review applies to version 7.7. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

QuickTime is a media player that supports most common audio and video formats. It also comes with a basic image viewer that supports most popular image formats.
It offers a simple GUI with basic buttons to play, seek, and adjust volume. With the seek button you can fast-forward or rewind your video. Also, you can view video content as you drag the mouse pointer along the progress bar.

It is a bit slow to open, but other than that it performs well during audio and video playback. It works great with HD and Full-HD videos. It also offers integration with your browser so you can watch videos right from its window without the need to save the content to disk. Although the shareware version offers few functions other than normal playback, it is more than enough for most users. The Pro version unlocks some useful functions for recording, editing, converting, and streaming.

A disadvantage of the program is that it doesn't support some popular video formats, like WMV and DivX. So you have to install codecs manually as the application doesn't offer a way to do this automatically. Also, like most Apple software does, it installs additional tools that I consider to be bloatware. The installation package comes with an additional basic image viewer, the PictureViewer. Since Windows already has one integrated, this is just eating extra space on the disk. Software Update and Application Support are other programs in question. The update function, for instance, might as well be integrated into the main program, giving you the option to do it automatically or not, as most programs do. In short, the installation should have given users the opportunity to choose what components they wish to install.


  • Support for H.264 compression.
  • Works great with HD videos.
  • Audio playback integration.


  • Many extra codecs are needed for playback.
  • Doesn't support some common video formats.
  • Installs bloatware.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 40 MB

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Apple Software Update Apple Software Update Apple Update Software helps us find the latest updates for Apple applications.

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  • 6
    You 2 years ago

    I would've rated higher if it actually worked without slowing down my computer. The program is fine, and I have a good computer with 4 gigabytes of RAM. The problem is that my computer doesn't play multimedia and videos very well. It will lag and explorer will crash. Whenever I use Quicktime, it starts relatively fast, but then get the unresponsive signal in the title bar. Once it loads, the video plays fine, but then stops after a few seconds. The program would probably be good with a better computer, though. As far as I know, the average user has at least two, and I have 4 which probably makes 2 gigs horrible with this program.

    • 0
      Guest Last year

      Well, you can use some media players as making it as your media player.

  • 3
    Mag. Johann Stempfer 4 years ago

    The same problem I had with "QuickShare"! Thanks.

  • 3
    selcan1 4 years ago

    I don't use it but I heard that it's a good program. I'll try it.

All comments (57)

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