QuickTime 7.5

Quicktime 7.5 is one of the most popular multimedia’s player
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Quicktime 7.5 is one of the most popular multimedia’s player.
Its quality and the wide variety of formats and files that can open, it makes a great option to be installed in your computer. With this great multimedia’s player you can open streaming movies, Video (video only and video with audio file formats), Audio, MPEG, MP3, Images and other file formats.
It also can play movies automatically as they are downloaded by your web browser. It allows to play video in safe mode or using DirectX. It has many features to control the way you want to control the reproduction of your multimedia files. It can play movies automatically when opened; it can show close captioning or subtitles when are available.
It can show a graphic equalizer or play sound when is in background. Also to enjoy more your widescreen or standard movies and you can fit them to the screen. Its streaming speed also can be configurable according to the connection supported by your hardware.
The new features included in this version are: H.264 video support, live resize, surround sound, new and improved playback controls, full screen playback, additional keyboard shortcuts and other that I’ve already mentioned above.
Its GUI is great and offers information of iTunes TV Shows & movies. This great Apple’s multimedia player offers the PRO version and includes more features to edit your streaming movies, video and audio files. Its installation process is very easy to perform but you need to register first before to download; so the link provided here redirects you to the registration form.
QuickTime runs in Windows XP/Vista/2003 Server and Mac OS platforms.

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  • QuickTime is the Apple’s best multimedia’s player and offers many features for its free version and many more for editing multimedia files on its PRO version. It is widely recommended to install


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